IWAB Lean-Clean™
IWAB Lean-Clean ™ is a cleaning control concept that based on food safety, environmental sustainability, cost-benefits and optimizing of resources identifies and streamlines activities that are essential and beneficial to the cleaning process while eliminating redundant and deteriorating activities. This is achieved through innovative products and risk-based processes with less labor cost and use of hazardous chemicals.

The concept is developed through years of experience in applied food safety and is based on the philosophy of continuous and incremental improvements in process flows and activities.
IWAB Lean-Clean ™ is based on 5 main principles:
  1. Process value - identify the purpose and goals of the current processes based on internal and external requirements and expectations.
  2. Process chain - identify the different steps involved in the process and evaluate whether they benefit the process or are detrimental to process efficiency. Specify which steps and activities are necessary or redundant and how new technology and ideas can lead to improvements.
  3. Process Flow - use the steps and activities indetified as benifitial to create a continuous process flow.
  4. Monitor and Take action - evaluate all the steps and activities regularly through chemical and hygiene analyzes and take appropriate actions against any deviations (pH / conductivity / temperature / ATP / microbiology / allergens - proteins).
  5. Improve - introduce routines for continuous improvement through regular meetings and discussions for reviewing and updating the steps above. Enable for all staff and personnel to be involved in the improvement work.
IWAB Lean-Clean ™ means better working environments and more sustainable food production with less costs creating safer food. Contact us and we are happy to help you improve your food safety.