We are committed to always do business with high environmental awareness. This means having a focus in all areas of our business for new ways to leave a smaller environmental foot print and to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals. We also strive to inform our customers and suppliers on environmental awareness to help them make more sustainable decisions.
Laws & Rules
We pledge to always comply with environmental laws, but our goal is to be a leader and to exceed minimum requirments whenever possible.
Contractors & Suppliers
Environmental awarness is an important issue in our communation with contractors and suppliers and together with our partners we aim to find new solutions and sustainable approaches for al products.
Quality & Responsibility
A high environmental awareness is the guiding principle in our quality policy and we will regularly review, correct and improve our processes in our endeavours to market sustainable products and services.
IWAB Safe™
IWAB Safe is our own certification that we use to validate products in order to help customers make better desicion from an environmental and worker safety point of view. The certification validates that the products has been evaluated in five main areas: 
  • Substances and raw materials : the product contains substances and raw material that are safe to use and have a low enivironmental impact. 
  • Production facilites : facilities are ISO-certified and follow regulations on worker safety and right as well as waste management and water consumption. 
  • Transportation : products are packed in a safe way to reduce pollution.
  • Use : documents and training are available to customers to help reduce the risk of accidents, waste or pollution.
  • Packaging : the products are supplied in a packaging that is safe to use and can be recycled.